The European Students’ Climate Report Project was presented at the University of Parma on the 14th of February 2019 during a training course for teachers focused on Education for Sustainable Development.



The European Students’ Climate Report Project was presented at Bertolucci High School on the 12th of December 2018 during a training course for teachers to support them in preparing their Erasmus projects.

 The Italian team talked about the KA2 Erasmus project opportunities, telling their experience in a speech entitled “FROM SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH TO ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP THROUGH SCHOOL-WORK ALTERNATION”.



Click on the link below to find the Parma meeting video:

Slovak meeting was a success not only because a lot of work was done and many great people were reunited once again, but there was also an interest from media. Two news reports were done by media in Slovakia. The first one was produced by Radio and Television of Slovakia (RTVS). You can find the news report on the following link The project part starts from 00:45:56 and ends at 00:47:34. The other one was made by a local Žilina TV that comes under the competence of Žilina self-governing region. You can watch the news report in the attached video.   


As a followup activity after our first meeting with students in Piteo Sweden (C1/C2) we presented results of the meeting, gave the same presentations of experts we had in Piteo in our school in Greek, showing Videos. Also experts from the municipality presented students Recycling policy of the Municipality, relevant matters of interest. Presentation of experts Chatzistergos, Tsipanrli, Mitilinios and Zervos from Municipality in school, about Climate Change, Recycling etc. Students from 2nd Lyceum of Kos giving presentations about clobal warming, green house effect, power in Greece, etc.

The Teaching Learning activities took place in two phases. First phase 30/11/2016 for students of Grade A and B and second phase 25/1/2017 for Grade C.

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