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Eco News

Liceo Bertolucci Students’, involved in European Students’ Climate Report, attended the Sustainable Development Festival, a national awareness-raising campaign launched by ASviS (Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development) every year to promote and spread a culture of sustainability among the Italian society. ASviS organizes the Festival over the course of 17 days, as many as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) envisaged by the 2030 Agenda. Our students presented the Green Goose Game game to other schools!


In collaboration with ARPAE, our students organised an activity during the European Week for Waste Reduction. A minitruck called CAM (Environmental Mobile Center) was placed in the courtyard of our school for a week.

CAM was visited by 20 classes.

CAM was managed by IREN, a multiutility company, operating in the sectors of electricity (production, distribution and sale), thermal energy for district heating (production and sale), gas (distribution and sale), water services, environmental services (collection and disposal of waste).

An IREN technician explained to students the Provincial Plan for the management of the waste based on the 4Rs: Recycling, Reducing, Reusing and Recovering energy from the unrecyclable part of the waste destinated to landfill.

Every class has been given "IL RIFIUTOLOGO", a document showing in which bin we must dispose of everyday objects.

This list has been exposed in each classroom to improve separate waste collection in our school.

We have chosen to dedicate this week in particular to RAEE collection: RAEE (Waste of Electric and Electronic Devices ) contain valuable materials that can be recovered, avoiding producing pollution and harming the environment. During the week students brought their RAEE to the CAM in order to recycle everything they have and they don’t use anymore. The result is shown in the table below:


During the month of June 2018, the students of Liceo Bertolucci involved in Erasmus+, European Students’ Climate Report organized an action called CLEAN UP A RIVER! , dedicated to cleaning Cinghio stream, a little body of water that flows in Parma near the Campus University. The increase in the intensity of precipitation events due to climate change intensifies flood risk, so river restoration measures can be seen as an efficient climate change adaptation strategy.

The initiative was supported by ARPAE that contributed with the suitable equipment: garbage pliers, special gloves and trash bags.

During the day, we found every type of trash, from the little piece of paper to bottle of wine, shoes, wheels of a car, clothes and also a toaster!

We also found an area where under the mud there were so many abandoned plastic cans

CLEAN UP A RIVER is a simple initiative, but it’s very important to promote empowerment and active citizenship among young people.





The students of Liceo Bertolucci involved in Erasmus+ European Students’ Climate Report designed and realized a playful activity, called “GREEN GOOSE GAME”, to raise awareness of environmental problems in the same age or slightly younger students. Through the creation and use of an incisive and amusing educational tool, we encouraged the diffusion of active choices for sustainable development.

The Game of the Green Goose is a board game where five teams challenge each other along the streets of a fantasy city created by Italian students. Along the way there are some coloured spaces: each color is related to an environmental topic (food, mobility, energy, climate, good practices). When you arrive over a coloured space, you answer the relative question.

If the answer is correct, you win a cockade related to the topic of the space.

If you return over a topic you have already won the cockade, you must answer the new question. If the answer is wrong you lose the cockade.

The goal of the game is to collect all 5 cockades and return at the start.

Students who have already played have had a lot of fun and they have increased their knowledge in the field of global warming and climate change.




At the following link, you will find the article.


A class in the social science program at Strömbackaskolan held a role-play about United Nations general assembly concerning energy production, consumption and how it effects the environment.

The students were divided into different countries and preparing facts about their country. For instance, countries like USA, China, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Spain were represented.

Every country held their opening speech and after that, the discussion started.

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