Eco News

Eco News

Our students attended an excursion in the company ENVI-GEOS Nitra as a part of their waste management activities. The company is focused on providing services in waste management field including handling of the waste. The headquarters of the company is in Lužianky village, the affiliated branch is situated in Prešov in eastern part of Slovakia. The company system solutions and own modules of handling waste. The long-term strategy of the company is the protection of the environment, reduction of landfilling and the use of the latest scientific knowledge of the company.

Students learned about the various ways how the specific types of waste are managed and what kinds of products are made of them. We had the opportunity to see a waste separation line and we were given a lecture on the issue of waste management. What was really shocking was the view of its outdoor storage area which was filled with plastic products. That sight was a big reminder to us why is this topic so important nowadays.  

As a followup activity after our first meeting with students in Piteo Sweden (C1/C2) we presented results of the meeting, gave the same presentations of experts we had in Piteo in our school in Greek, showing Videos. Also experts from the municipality presented students Recycling policy of the Municipality, relevant matters of interest. Presentation of experts Chatzistergos, Tsipanrli, Mitilinios and Zervos from Municipality in school, about Climate Change, Recycling etc. Students from 2nd Lyceum of Kos giving presentations about clobal warming, green house effect, power in Greece, etc.

The Teaching Learning activities took place in two phases. First phase 30/11/2016 for students of Grade A and B and second phase 25/1/2017 for Grade C.

Poster for Go Green Day in Kos

The 2nd General Lyceum of Kos and the 4th Primary School Kos School are co-organizing a "Green Day" on Sunday 11/6/2017.

This event focuses on Environment, Recycling and Climate Change and aims to raise the awareness of the school community by giving the two schools organizing the event and any other school in the region the opportunity to disseminate their actions and projects which took place during the school year 2016-2017.

The event will begin at 11.00 am in the amphitheater of the 2nd Lyceum of Kos, where guest speakers / specialists will speak about the topic of the meeting and schools will present their actions and projects. Subsequently, the participants will move on to the 4th Primary School of Kos (located very close by) in order to watch the exhibition with the artifacts/works of the environmental groups in a properly designed exhibition space.



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