Côtes de Villebon » is a vocational high school situated  in the southern suburb of Paris . Our  public establishment offers  vocational training courses in three fields: Industry (Electrotechnics/Electronics) , Catering  and Business. There are 80 teachers and 500 students  aged from 15 to 19 years belonging to  a popular social class.. The students attend a three year curriculum to get their BTech national diploma. They need to be motivated by new professional objectives and new cultural challenges such as global warming.
The industry department has developed the renewable energies courses for five years through a very technical training focusing on the functioning of  solar panels , wind turbines and hydraulic power. It is also centered on the economic , social and political aspects of the environmental issues in the European Community.
The training is monitored by both  teachers of speciality  and languages, that means that  technical courses are held in dual teaching and in English. The objective is to make the students discover this very new subject and to develop their professional skills in order to be part of the new generation of environmental actors.
Les Côtes de Villebon is also involved in a new educational community  project  aiming at fighting against food waste at school. This project has just started and is part of the environmental programme  which will be developed through partnership with  local and  national  stakeholders.
Innovation, awareness and involvement are parts of our teaching and learning system.

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