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Meeting in Brussels and Paris related to the Erasmus+ program “European Students Climate Report”


From 17/3/2019 to 23/3/2019 we had the opportunity, through the program KA2 Erasmus+ “European Students Climate Report” (2016-1-SE01-KA201-022171), to visit Brussels and Paris. Schools from six countries are participating in this program (besides our school, from Sweden, Slovakia, France, Italy and Spain), as well as University of Lulea Sweden and ARPAE from Emilia-Romagna of Italy. The main subject of our program is Climate Change and its impact on all sectors of society.

On Monday, March 18, 2019, we visited the European Parliament, where we had a meeting with the French MEP Durand Pascal, in which we presented a comprehensive report of the European pupils who participated in the actions of the Climate Change Program. As a Greek team, we referred to the work we undertook and also to the actions we have developed and, above all, we presented the most basic product of the program, the Final Report of all students on the environment, the so called “European Students’ Climate Report” (

In Paris, we participated in many activities with students and teachers of all countries and in the end the Greek team re-presented the final product (Final Report of all students about the environment “European Students’ Climate Report”) to the Mayor of Meudon and representatives of the French Ministry of Education.

During the visit cultural visits to major Brussels and Paris sights were organized, beyond activities focused on the main program issues.

Now that the program will be completed in a few months, it can be said that our impression from the program's visits and actions were excellent, both in terms of hospitality, communication and cooperation with other partners. We have created friendships, we have hosted and have being hosted, we have exchanged views and knowledge and, in general, we have gained unforgettable experience.

This program’s results, as well as activities and actions of our school related to the subject will be presented in a conference that will take place on Thursday 11/4/2019.


The students                                                                                     The teachers

Ntiougkou Giarimaga                                                                     Giorgos Errikos Hlapanis

Amalia Matrona Gerakli                                                                                Maria Loumani


PS.          The presentation in Brussels:

                The presentation in the town hall of Meudon:


                The program’s site:

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