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The students of Liceo Bertolucci involved in Erasmus+ European Students’ Climate Report designed and realized a playful activity, called “GREEN GOOSE GAME”, to raise awareness of environmental problems in the same age or slightly younger students. Through the creation and use of an incisive and amusing educational tool, we encouraged the diffusion of active choices for sustainable development.

The Game of the Green Goose is a board game where five teams challenge each other along the streets of a fantasy city created by Italian students. Along the way there are some coloured spaces: each color is related to an environmental topic (food, mobility, energy, climate, good practices). When you arrive over a coloured space, you answer the relative question.

If the answer is correct, you win a cockade related to the topic of the space.

If you return over a topic you have already won the cockade, you must answer the new question. If the answer is wrong you lose the cockade.

The goal of the game is to collect all 5 cockades and return at the start.

Students who have already played have had a lot of fun and they have increased their knowledge in the field of global warming and climate change.




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